Cindy Grogan
Youth Ministry Director

Dana Steimle
​Catechitical Director

Lisa Maruschak

​Preschool Aide

Brittany Lade

Grade 6 HR, Social Studies, Art, Technology

Jenny Balina

​Intervention Specialist

Angela Mullins

Grade 8 HR, Religion, Science

Cindy Timmons

Grade 4 HR, Social Studies, Religion, English Reading

Madeline Bain

​Grade 5 HR, Math, Science

Cindy Krawczonek

​Third Grade Teacher

educating the mind, nurturing the soul,  and building the kingdom of god in a christ centered atmosphere

Danny Steimle

​Facilities Manager

Lisa Kozickie
Preschool Teacher

Kelly Turle

​School Psychologist

Judy Hudak

Second Grade Teacher

Music Teacher

"Mr. Dan" Valente
Extended Care

Amy Melvin

​Kindergarten Teacher

St. Bridget Faculty and Staff

Therese McCall

First Grade Teacher

Michelle Morabito
Extended Care

Lori Orzech

​PTU President

Patricia Bailes

​Physical Education Teacher

Ronnie Wells

Athletic Director

Anne Marie Snow

​School Psychologist (PCSD)

Traci Borden

Grade 7 HR, English, Reading

Cindy Rosko & Pam Broa

​Nutrition Services